My Art

Art is a part of the world everywhere we look and I feel blessed that I was exposed to various mediums throughout my life. However, I find that painting and visual arts fuel my fire the most. I spent all of my free electives in high school taking painting classes. My art teacher really inspired my love for painting and I spent a majority of my senior year putting together a portfolio to apply for colleges of art for the fall. Although I decided against art school in the end and chose liberal arts instead, I minored in art so I could satisfy my passion. I spent all my years at university taking art classes with a focus in painting. Naturally traveling makes painting a difficult hobby as supplies is an issue, particularly since my medium of choice is oil. Unfortunately, I have not spent a lot of my recent years actively painting, though I dabble in other mediums on the road and hope that the next place I can ground will allow for time and space to rejuvenate my love for making art.