I love being able to capture moments, to provide memories, and to find art in simple things. I love to think about the images I am capturing and what they represent on a larger scale. Photography is not just entertainment, it’s storytelling.  Photography is a way to bridge connection and fuel desires. It generates emotions and all of our hopes and fears can be depicted through an image that ignites that inside of us. In addition to creating connections of shared feelings and experiences, storytelling through photography can help produce understanding of the misunderstood. I feel that I can capture an image of a foreign person, place, thing, or idea and convey it in a way that those unexposed can relate. The photograph can play on the human emotion to stimulate an understanding. The more I travel, the more I seek to capture moments that can bring diversity to the table and unite the world through appreciating and understanding differences.

Anyone who knows well enough can probably tell you I am obsessed with photography and capturing moments. My passion for photography has been a part of my life dating back to my early youth when I would buy disposable cameras to carry around school. I was the first among my friends around seventh grade to buy a point-and-shoot camera at a time when it was still mostly uncommon to have. I would bring it everywhere I went and capture everything I could. It is funny to go back to my earliest attempts at photography, such as when I tried to capture unique perspectives of my friends skateboarding. I can respect the vision since I was only 11 years old, however, the execution is quite funny as I had no true understanding of how to take photos.

I guess my obsession for photography can be traced back to a couple of things. I was brought up modeling in NYC and always hated being in front of the camera–envying the professional photographers I worked with who were behind the camera. But I would probably put a majority of the impact on my early passion for photography on National Geographic and would like to thank my grandmother for the subscription she provided my brothers and I. I remember we would collect the animal fact cards that came inside the children’s issues and trade them. I loved the photos on them and dreamed of some day getting to see the animals in real life and photograph them myself.

I have never formally taken any classes on photography and every opportunity I had throughout my education was ignored in favor of painting (another passion of mine). But as I have gotten older and began to travel, I found my longtime love for photography has enhanced many of my personal experiences and I have spent the past couple of years dabbling in self-teaching.


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